Industrial Full Servo Motor 2-40pcs 14KW Women Sanitary Pads Counter

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  • lace of Origin: China
  • Brand Name: Gachn
  • Certification: CE
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
  • Packaging Details: WOODEN CASES
  • Delivery Time: 90-120 WORK DAYS
  • Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
  • Supply Ability: 10 SETS PER MONTH
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    Industrial Full Servo Motor 2-40pcs 14KW Women Sanitary Pads Counter


    Main Function Features:
    1. The machine can produce regular type,economic type and high grade type sanitary napkin.
    2. The machine can do different size sanitary napkin for women and girl.
    3. The machine can do two types, clsssic type and ultra thin type sanitary napkin
    4. Materials of stereo-protection are complex and molding on machine
    5. The quantity of SAP and fluff pulp can be adjusted freely
    6. Raw materials automatic unwinding system,automatic tension control system,automatic splicing units,automatic rejection units,automatic web guard system.
    7. The machine can attached with fully automatic packing machine(stacker),make packing simpler and save labor force
    8. FULL SERVO SANITARY PADS PRODUCTION MACHINE can equipped with production door if you required.
    9. Touchable Screen:Machine switch on/off,running speed,time,counting pieces,parameter setting,alarm,error display,error enquiry(functions setting appear on screen are different according to different machine type)



    The full servo drive: Use the high performance AC servo motor drive, system control mode. Touch screen operation terminal provides man-machine interface, graphical control, and parameter setting adjustment is more convenient.

    Safety protection device in accordance with the relevant provisions of GB5083-1999.

    Change the mold will be more convenient, the different size can be switch in one button from the parameter, two feeding device can be arbitrarily selected specifications.

    Counting be more accurate: Use the servo drives the light load pad-separator device, realize the quickly speed, and accurate pad-separator motion.

    The size of single piece: the single size that after sanitary napkin production line folding.(the finished products thickness is 4-13mm.)

    The protective device is made of aluminum alloy bracket and a transparent organic glass plate, and the thickness of transparent organic glass plate should more than 7mm.

    Size: L3.1m×W5.70m×H2.0m, The bottom have the height adjustment device.(According with the actual layout)

    According with the spatial layout, connect with the making machine and rectification mechanism, to ensure the pads transport be more stable.

    The three belts protect the product transport from three directions, and keep the product center consistent, ensure stable and reliable.

    Equipped with the counting photo electricity,the counting quantity is reliable,the counting quantity fo pads can be adjust on the touch screen.

    The equipment manual specified safety precautions, in the dangerous device, the equipment of power transmission and air movement mechanism are labeled with obvious warning signs.


    Machine features

    1. Counting the pad after production line, greatly improve working efficiency.
    2. Capable of sanitary pad and panty line
    3. Full servo motor control make machine user-friendly
    4. Sensor limite protect all machine movment
    5. Change over setting selection available on HMI


    Competitive Advantage:

    We can customize the most suitable scheme for you according to your factory layout and product characteristics



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