Gachn high speed Baby Diaper Machine / baby diaper pads counting machine

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  • lace of Origin: China
  • Brand Name: Gachn
  • Certification: CE
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
  • Packaging Details: WOODEN CASES
  • Delivery Time: 90-120 WORK DAYS
  • Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
  • Supply Ability: 10 SETS PER MONTH
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    Detailed Product Description
    Counting Speed: 600 Pcs/min DW: 1800kgs
    Stacking Pads: 15-50pcs Driving Motor: Full Motor
    Brand: Gachn Original Place: China

    1).The device has a tidy construction, has a stable and reliable performance, and its operations are easy to master.
    2).The running of this device is controlled by the micro-computer controller.
    3).It is equipped with the OMRON photoelectric tracing system of high precision.
    4).The place sealed and cut by it is very precise and the temperature of the seals are controlled separately and it is
    apt for many kinds of packaging materials the seal looks fair and is firm.
    5).With the continuous adjusting of speed by frequency conversion, no interval will occur in the changes.
    6).Has realized the full automatic processing of the following procedures, which are: material folding, molding,
    cut of; feeding; medicine liquid ( disinfector )spraying and packaging.
    7).It has a full automatic circular system combining the functions of the display of the medicine liquid content,
    spraying, medicine liquid flow control, and the collecting.
    8).The flow of the medicine liquid can be adjusted by manual freely .
    9).When the code printer is equipped, the producing date serial number can be printed automatically.


    By adapting Mitsubishi and Yaskawa motion controlling PLC and general linear servo driving system,it ensured highly accurate and stable counting stacking .


    Intelligent failure analysis,when the machine breaks and material abnormal operation happens,it gave out relatively failure warning tips


    Have two packaging export and one discharge port, when the packaging machine go down, the single product will discharge in discharge port.


    When one of the packaging have faulty, in the range of the capacity of the production line speed reduce to manual packing, manual switch to the hand-filling, ensure that can be continuous to pack all pads, if the production line speed can’t reduce, the surplus pads will be discharge.


    The electrical system in accordance with relevant provisions of GB/T5226.1-2002.



    The following program can be adjustable on the touch screen, and keep the stable of following location, to ensure the working of the pushing head.


    All of the machine parts should do the surface treatment, transmission parts made of the special steel and do quenching and tempering treatment.


    Accurate contact the single piece product after the cut of baby diaper production liner, there is no situation of more to send or less to send products into the counting leaf.


    Model GM085N
    Counting and stacking quantity 15-450 pieces
    The size of single piece Length: 180mm-260mm, thickness 8mm-15mm
    The machine layout Size L3.6m×W3.3m×H2.2m
    DW 1800KG
    The Device Power Supply 3Ph380Vac50HZ, three-phase four-wire system
    Counting and Stacking Speed 600pcs/min
    Air Resource: air pressure 0.5MPa
    air consumption <300L/min
    Noise the noise<85db(A)


    Gachn high speed Baby Diaper Machine / baby diaper pads counting machine


    automatic baby diaper machine,

    automatic stacking machine

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